European Car Repair or Service?

AUTOSCOPE is the premier European car repair specialist in DFW! When it comes to caring for your European car and providing you with the absolute highest standard of customer service, you simply will not find a better shop anywhere in Dallas. Come see for yourself!


For more than 35 years, we have been providing our customers unmatched service and the best European car repair in Dallas and Plano.

European Auto Repair Expertise

We provide full-service, dealer-capability on all Dallas European car repair services and ONLY on European cars. That means we can stay equipped with the latest, cutting edge diagnostic equipment and specialty tools to perform service, maintenance, and repairs on even the newer models - just like the dealer but at a lower cost and vastly improved customer experience for you.

Value + Convenience

To provide the best customer experience, we offer the following to every customer on every visit. - Up to 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty on most repairs - Specialty in All European Cars - Highly Trained and Certified Professional Auto Technicians - Customer Shuttle Service Available

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Our mission is to make our customers' vehicle ownership a pleasant experience.


Pioneer advancements in European car repair and service in Dallas/Fort Worth, and provide maximum value for our customers.


Sharing our customers' concerns and being the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, Dynojet numbers are usually inflated and Mustang numbers are closer to "true" horsepower numbers. Mustang dyno numbers are more accurate, because it takes in to account the variables for each different car. A dynojet just measures how fast the car spins a large drum that is a certain weight, and calculates HP from that. A Mustang dyno could be higher than a dynojet, but that is rare.
Nobody likes unexpected expenses for auto repairs, if you want peace of mind and like to save money, an extended warranty is a great way to accomplish both. An extended warranty is essentially a service contract between the car owner and the warranty company. According to this contract, the warranty company will pay for the covered repairs for a specific period of time. An extended warranty can help you protect yourself from unexpected repair costs.
Want to know if your car sustained any damage after hitting one of the MANY potholes that have cropped up all over DFW? Ask yourself these questions: -Is your car pulling either to the right or left while driving on a straightaway? -Are you experiencing a difficulty with steering the vehicle? -Are your tires wearing unevenly or prematurely? -Do any of your wheels have a dent like the photo above? -Do you have to air-up one or two of your tires frequently? If you can answer yes to any of the above, then it's possible that pothole caused some form of damage which can range from minor to severe. It would be best to take your car in to a trusted auto shop and have them take a look for you.

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