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Here at Autoscope, you will find that there is no repair, large or small, that we can't handle. As the premier full-service, independent Dallas European auto repair and maintenance shop, we are fully equipped and capable to expertly take care of all your car battery and charging system needs. Whether you are the owner of a Bimmer, Merc or AMG, Jag, Rolls, Audi, Rover, Bentley, or you're a P-car enthusiast, Autoscope has the certified and factory-trained technicians to handle any car battery problem.


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Cold weather, hot weather, we’ve got it all here. Which means a weak car battery is going to die and leave you stranded. Batteries, over time will degrade and lose their charging capabilities, just as your rechargeable laptop or phone batteries, the difference is, you can get in your car, drive to the store and get another one for your phone or laptop. Not so for your European car. You now have to call a tow truck to either jump-start your car, which is a very bad thing if you don’t do it perfectly, or take precious time from your busy schedule and schedule an appointment to get the proper battery installed in your European car. Care must be taken after installing the car battery. The first step in installing a new European battery is to register it to the vehicle. Once that is completed, you need to reinitialize the windows and sunroof, steering column end-stops, steering angle sensor and, with A.F.S., you need to reinitialize the steering offset. The Texas heat can also damage your cars’s battery, causing it to have a very short life span. Even if your car is garaged in a climate controlled structure, starting it and enjoying it in high temperatures can wreak havoc on your car battery. It’s a good thing Autoscope is nearby to help you with all of your battery service needs. We offer batteries for all European cars with the best warranty in the Dallas Metroplex, better than you’ll find at your local dealership. We use only the best batteries, not low end replacements like you might find at discount stores. While those batteries sometimes cost less initially, the difference in life span is obvious.
If you are experiencing dim headlights, slow windshield wipers and turn signals or a weak battery it might be your alternator. The alternator on your car powers the electrical system for the whole vehicle. It is especially important for alternators to be check regularly for proper charging. Due to the confined area in which they reside, heat from the engine, especially, turbocharged engines, can quickly dissipate life from your European car's alternator. Demands can often far exceed the alternator’s capacity, leading to less than stellar performance from accessories — and ultimately to a dead battery. Like a doctor checking your heart’s EKG, Autoscope can check the tell-tale signs of an alternator failing using similar methods to verify the diodes and voltage output necessary to keep your European car’s alternator charging optimally.

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