Brakes and Suspension

Here at Autoscope, you will find that there is no repair, large or small, that we can't handle. As the premier full-service, independent Dallas European auto repair and maintenance shop, we are fully equipped and capable to expertly take care of all your brakes and suspension needs. Whether you are the owner of a Bimmer, Merc or AMG, Jag, Rolls, Audi, Rover, Bentley, or you're a P-car enthusiast, Autoscope has the certified and factory-trained technicians to handle any manner of brakes and suspension issue. Read more about each below!

  • Brake Repair
  • Suspension Repair
Are your brakes squealing at you? Do they feel a little softer than normal? Has it been more than two years since you had your brake fluid checked? Don’t despair! It’s time to come visit Autoscope Foreign Car Care, where we can take care of all of your brake service needs. Fine European automobiles have sophisticated and advanced brakes that need to be looked at by a trained technician – but don’t worry, just because we have years of factory-training and experience doesn’t mean we’re as expensive as a visit to the dealership. Our mechanics, technicians and service advisers can have you and your fine automobile back on the road in no time. We offer brake inspections, brake pad and rotor replacement and brake caliper repair. We can inspect and, if necessary, flush brake fluid or replace older brake lines to keep you safely on the road.
Your European car's suspension is comprised mostly of aluminum for its lightweight properties, however, aluminum is a softer metal and can more easily bend during a big impact (such as hitting a large pothole while traveling at a modest speed). If you think you may have damage you should have your car inspected by a certified professional at Autoscope who can perform quality suspension repair and maintenance. Other suspension repairs include shock absorbers, struts, springs, and more! We are full equipped to handle all your European car suspension repair needs.

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