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Are you tired of the dealer and want to work with someone who cares about you and your car?

Rolls-Royce Repair

Your Rolls-Royce is tailored to you. Your needs, your desires, your lifestyle and everything that brings you pleasure while driving. Your Rolls-Royce repair and service should match your driving experience. Why are you going somewhere for your service and repair that doesn’t know who you are and doesn’t tailor their service and offerings to your needs?

We can make every part of owning a Rolls-Royce easy and pleasurable. As European auto repair experts, Autoscope can help take care of the personalized service and repair aspect of it, and you already know that driving it is wonderful!

Did you know that there’s a lot more to servicing your car than just changing your oil?

A Rolls-Royce repair service includes not only an oil and filter change, but also checking if the engine air filter and AC (or cabin) air filter need to be changed, a thorough inspection of your entire vehicle to ensure that no major safety components are in need of attention, along with checking for service or repair items that will need to addressed in the future. We document everything and will work with you on prioritizing repairs and developing a plan for taking care of things down the road. Nobody works with you more than Autoscope to help keep your Rolls-Royce in top-shape on the road and managing your expense. So if you're looking for Rolls-Royce repair in Plano or Dallas, look no further than the Rolls-Royce experts at Autoscope European Car Repair.

Testimonial from Actual Client and Rolls-Royce Owner

  • – Scott W.
    – Scott W.
    “Great customer service! I never have to wonder if I am being taken advantage of or if the work is being done correctly. Carson is willing to get down to the nuts and bolts on a repair and explain everything in detail."

What sets Autoscope apart from other Rolls-Royce repairs shops & service centers?

Real people, real help

When you call, you get a real person who can answer your questions. No long waits or multiple transfers to get the info you’re looking for.

Time and money

We use our extensive knowledge of your Rolls-Royce and previous repairs to work efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.

Dealer capabilities, independent service

We have the same Rolls-Royce factory diagnostic tools and equipment as the dealer.

Experience and expertise

Over 35 years experience working on all Rolls-Royce models and only the most qualified certified Rolls-Royce repair technicians will work on your Rolls-Royce.


Need a ride? Take advantage of our free shuttle service from your home or office Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

Peace of mind

Performance of the proper maintenance service or repairs including stamping your Rolls-Royce’s maintenance book, keeping your car’s original manufacturer’s warranty valid.


Need your car cleaned? No problem! Each service includes a courtesy hand wash and vacuum.

VIP Treatment

We promise to offer you the highest quality materials and workmanship available along with the prompt, courteous customer service you demand.

Need a reliable Rolls-Royce repair shop? Set up an appointment today!