How to know when to replace motor mounts

what color coolant to use

What Color Coolant For Your European Car?

Think all types of car engine coolant are the same? You could be setting yourself up for a major headache.

Does antifreeze color matter? Are there different types of antifreeze? Differences in the various types of coolant (or “antifreeze”) run far deeper than just their color… Read More

extend car's battery life

Three Things You Can Do To Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

It’s really never a good time to have to jump off your car…

Even though you know that the battery in your car is a critical component (your car simply will not start without one), you probably don’t think too hard about just how heavily you depend on it day in and day out. In fact, you probably don’t think about your car’s battery life much at all…until it’s dead. Read More

Flood-Damaged Cars

The next flood caused by Harvey? Flood-Damaged Cars

Flood-Damaged Cars:

Consumer advocates nationwide all agree that we can expect a stream of flood-damaged cars to enter the general vehicle market in the upcoming months after the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida, and here in Texas. Beware the coming flood of flood-damaged cars… Read More