5 Myths of Dealership Service


Check Engine Light vs. Service Engine Soon Light

Is there a difference between the check engine light and service engine soon light?

The check engine light and service engine soon light are often mistaken for one another and many are confused as to what they each mean. Though they seem similar, we’ll explain just how different they actually are.

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What is hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning 101

If you want to understand what hydroplaning is, here is everything you need to know about this phenomenon so that you can take to the road safely, and confidently, no matter the weather conditions. Read More

Low Coolant Light

Low Coolant Light

Has your Low Coolant Light come on?

Here is what the low coolant light means on your car and the (usual) suspects behind why your low coolant light is on. Read More

Independent Auto Shop

Why Choose an Independent Auto Shop Over the Dealer?

Autoscope – A compelling independent auto shop alternative to the dealer.

Over the years, much has been written and discussed in many forms about the pros and cons of independent (non-dealer) automotive repair facilities versus dealers. Traditionally, the independent auto shop has inadvertently positioned itself as a “lower cost alternative to the dealer”. While this may have been true early on, it is not universally true any longer. eCommerce, ready availability of advanced factory-level diagnostics systems, modern technical training programs, factory and factory-level parts, have collectively leveled the playing field. Read More

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