New 2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Turbo

what color coolant for european car

What Color Coolant For Your European Car?

Think all types of car engine coolant are the same? You could be setting yourself up for a major headache.

What color coolant should you be using in your car? Differences in the various types of coolant (or “anti-freeze”) run far deeper than just their color. In fact many manufacturers today, especially the European car makes, each develop specific types of coolant for use in their engines.

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car's battery life

Three Things You Can Do To Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

It’s really never a good time to have to jump off your car…

Even though you know that the battery in your car is a critical component (your car simply will not start without one), you probably don’t think too hard about just how heavily you depend on it day in and day out. In fact, you probably don’t think about your car’s battery life much at all…until it’s dead. Read More

Car Wheel Repair and Refinishing

Car Wheel Repair & Refinishing – Better to Repair or Buy New?

Wheel repair services often cost a fraction of the price of replacing your damaged wheel with a new one. But can wheel repair and refinishing really make your wheel look and drive as good as new? Read More

Luxury & Supercar Showcase: Food, Fashion, and More!

I mean, just look at all these cars from our Saturday at the Dallas Luxury & Supercar Showcase 2017!

Over the weekend, we got to spend a day at the Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase hosted on the grounds of the Dallas Four Seasons Resort & Club in Las Colinas. It was a beautiful day filled with delicious eats from fine Dallas-area restaurants, fashion displays, and did we mention the cars? Read More

BMW 535i Oil Pan Removed and Shredded Serpentine Belt Showing

BMW Serpentine Belt Sucked Inside Engine?

It’s definitely possible, and this is how it happens.

For years, there have been rumors and anecdotes floating around the BMW enthusiast community and online message boards. Incredulous owners have reported accounts of being told by their BMW mechanic that not only did their BMW serpentine belt fail, but it had also been sucked into the engine. Yes, you read that correctly.  Read More